viernes, 23 de febrero de 2007

My country Venezuela

Venezuela is the country but beautiful of the world, your people are very pleasant and latent, Venezuela is one country Caribbean, and he is country producing of petroleum, the state most important is the Zulia, and this state it has the city most important of country... MARACAIBO.
Plans For The Future

In my plans for the future to graduate to me as lawyer, to work, to marry to me, to buy my car, to have two children, and travel with my family.
To be a successful lawyer and to gain many judgments.

jueves, 22 de febrero de 2007


Victor: Vanessa, that plans you have for the weekend?

Vanessa: the weekend will visit my parents.

Victor: but after which you visit your parents! You want to go out to dance?

Vanessa: really I cannot! Sorry.

Victor: I have a better plan! We are going to the cinema to see an opening.

Vanessa: I do not like to go to the cinema! They give desire me to sleep.


Victor: Vanessa, what are you doing tonight?
Would you like to go out?

Vanessa: oh, sorry, I can t I’m going to work late tonight.

Victor: well, how about tomorrow night?
Are you doing anything then?

Vanessa: no, I’m not. What are you planning to do?

Victor: I’m going to see a musical. Would you like to come?

Vanessa: sure, Id love to! But let me pay for the tickets this time. It’s my turn.

Victor: all right! Thanks!

Name: Jenny tajeldin, she s from Arabia, she s live Maracaibo, studying engineering in urbe, she like to dance the week ends, to travel with its family, it does not like the violence, she hates the smoke of the cigarette, it hopes that this level of ingles is very beneficial for eela and to be able to pass it, she dreams about graduating and power to be a professional to come out ahead.

Name: elizabet Gonzalez, she s from coro but it lives at the moment in Maracaibo, she s studies integral education in urbe, she s love the music in special the romantic music, it does not like the Colombian music, she hates the violence and the lies, she dreams about having her own school and to be the director, and their aspirations with this level of ingles are to pass it with high qualifications


Yuraima: good night, family Alaña
Victor: hello. May I speak to Vanessa?
Yuraima: I’m sorry. She s not in. can I take a message?
Victor: yes, please. This victor Aguilar.
Yuraima: ok
Victor: please tell her our meeting is on Friday at 5:30
Yuraima: Friday at 5:30.
Victor: and would you ask her to call me this morning?
My number is 0414 963 05 87.
Yuraima: 0414 963 05 87. Yes, Mr. Aguilar
Victor: thank you, good- bye
Yuraima: good- bye.

Victor: hello.
Vanessa: hello victor call me to my house
Victor: yes it calls to you for to see if you want to eat the Friday at night?
Vanessa: sure, Id love to! But food arabe.
Victor: ok. Sure thanks you.
Victor: the Friday I look for to you at 7:30
Vanessa: ok yes no problem
Victor: ok, good bye.
Vanessa: Good afternoon.

My city Maracaibo

Maracaibo is my favorite city. It is a very pretty, big city and hot, the
People are very pleasant and have many commercial tars to go shopping; we have a very beautiful park the vereda Del lago, park la marina. The city has a very pleasant nocturnal life and entertainment, Maracaibo is the best city of the world since the heat of its people is very special. Its music is authenticates, is the gaita. And we have many festivities that to celebrate during the year.

This cough medicine is very good its name is talidomina; it is a medicine that is quimio for the people whom they have to cancer, it is of pink color, is taken twice to the day, preferably at night because it causes much dream, it must use with much well-taken care of because it is a very dangerous medicine in case of not being used suitably, its function is to stop the reproduction of cellules cancerinas of the globules’ of the patients.